v.l.n.r. Gijs Rutgerink, Mark O’ Dowd, Rutger Stavenga, Lars Kloosterman, Chinmay Kulkarni

Huidige commissieleden:

  • Chinmay Kulkarni
  • Eric Wiskandt
  • Koen van Dijck
  • Lars Kloosterman
  • Mark ‘O Dowd
  • Rutger Stavenga

During the General Members Meeting of Thursday September the 27th 2018, the Master Committee was brought to life! This committee consists solidly of master students and is created to focus on the needs and interests of our master students within Heeren XVII.



Our goal is to bring master students closer together and to stimulate integration between new master students and Heeren XVII. This will be achieved by hosting all sorts of fun activities, but also by actively promoting the current Heeren XVII activities among master students. Another goal of this committee is to prepare master students for their future career. So, apart from integration activities we are also planning to organise some activities and workshops focussed on networking and personal development.
To reach these goals we will be organising three or four activities per academic year.



The Master Committee is also responsible for creating the CV book. This yearly published book that contains the resumes of all graduating master students that is send to over 200 companies was previously constructed by the board but has been delegated to the Master Committee to allow more time and effort to be spend on it.



If you have any questions or suggestions for activities you would like to see take place: please send an email to



Greetings from the current members of the Master Committee

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