F.l.t.r. Mark Bruggink, Brenda Keijzers, Geert van Maldegem, Maud Janssen, Dorien Goudsblom, Teun Bout, Jack de Winter

Current committee members:

  • Annabel Ridder
  • Brenda Keijzers
  • Dorien Goudsblom
  • Hugo Barneveld
  • Jack de Winter
  • Jacob Clevering
  • Teun Bout

The Editorial Board, as a committee, has been working almost since the inception of Heeren XVII to provide every biosystems engineer, graduate or otherwise interested, with a nice magazine called 'HaiTech' periodically.

In the HaiTech you will find, among other things, extensive reports of the fun activities organized within the study association, often provided with exclusive photos and interesting facts about these activities. Also, each period a graduated biosystems engineer is asked to tell his story. In the section 'Oldtimer' he tells about his time in Wageningen and the course of his career after his studies.

In addition, the HaiTech creates bonding among its members. For example, "The HaiTech pen" is periodically passed to two freshmen who can introduce themselves to their fellow students through a story. Furthermore, surveys are regularly conducted among a number of members. How are they doing in terms of getting credits? How did they get through summer vacation or what are they doing for Christmas? We also ask how a student spent their time abroad and what they noticed there. This question is also asked of a foreign student and so we get to know more about their time in the Netherlands.

In each HaiTech, there is a look back at the past period by the president of the association. How has the current weather affected the agricultural sector, who has graduated and what activities have all taken place? In 'Technical Report' a technical development within agriculture is highlighted, which also keeps Agrotechnologists up to date with the latest techniques. Also, all the facts that you can't afford to miss are covered in the 'Did you know' section.

In short: something for everyone. Most of the stories are supported by photographs. Under the motto: "a picture says more than a thousand words" in each HaiTech again a color photo reportage can be seen in the middle, with pictures of the past period.

Every exam week you can feel the tension rising again among biosystem engineers: 'when will the new HaiTech arrive?' The exclusive stories from the HaiTech are often a topic of conversation for a long time.