Privacy Statement

The privacy statement of Heeren XVII is a legally required document ensuring the protection of personal data. This statement emphasizes the organization's commitment to respecting the privacy of its members and handling collected data with care.

In accordance with legal requirements, the statement outlines the types of personal information collected, such as name, contact details, and study information. The organization stresses that this data is used solely for specific and legitimate purposes, such as informing about events, maintaining the association relationship, and fulfilling legal obligations.

Additionally, attention is given to the security of the collected data, with appropriate technical and organizational measures in place to prevent unauthorized access and misuse. The privacy statement assures members that their information will not be disclosed to third parties without their consent, unless legally required.

Finally, the statement provides information about members' rights regarding their personal data, such as the right to access, correct, and delete information. This ensures that Heeren XVII maintains a transparent and respectful approach to handling the privacy of its members.

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