Become a partner

As a company, there is the possibility to advertise in our association magazine "Haitech", almanac (yearbook) or with a banner on this website. This also gives the possibility to use our online network in Linkedin, where especially Biosystems engineers with work experience are active. As a partner, you may also send us vacancies, which we will distribute among our master students.

In addition, HeerenXVII organises a number of activities to increase the interaction between companies and students.

Every 2.5 years HeerenXVII organises a Company Day. The next Company Day will be held during our 11th lustrum in June 2021. During this day there will be a symposium, plus a company market in which a number of companies will get the opportunity to present themselves to students of Agrotechnology. In addition, every 2.5 years a company drink will be organised. If your company is interested in participating in this company day or company reception, please contact Heeren XVII. This is also where you can go if you are interested or for a more detailed explanation of advertising options.