Finance templates

Download the templates for making a budget or settlement for activities via the buttons below.

HAS requests

Download the Heeren XVII Activity Support (HAS) rulebook and format for the budget and settlement via the buttons below.

Recently, Heeren XVII has registered with SponsorKliks, allowing the association to receive a share of purchases made at various other online shops. Unlike, SponsorKliks is not a one-time cookie installation and needs to be used through the link each time. By using the following link, you can visit various websites and donate a portion of your purchase amount to Heeren XVII: Click here

For your courses, you'll need books. Of course, you always realize on day one of the period that you need those books. Standing in line at the WURshop is not an option, and biking to another store is out of the question. You simply order them online at and have them delivered during lunch the next day. You don't have to do a thing. And what's even better, if you order your books through this link, Heeren XVII receives 7%!!! of your purchase amount as sponsorship (free money). How does this work? Open a web browser, click on the link below, and, for a change, click accept cookies. The cookie you accept is a very delicious cookie. It tells that you're participating in the Heeren XVII promotion and ensures that Heeren XVII receives 7% of your purchase amount as sponsorship. This also applies to things that aren't books. Click here for the link.

Via the Facebook group, HeerenXVII buitenkansjes, second-hand books and many more items are offered.

Rules of Procedure

Here you find the Rules of Procedure of Heeren XVII.

Trailer rental agreement

Fill in the document to be able to borrow the Heeren XVII trailer via the button below. Please send the filled-in document to
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