Heeren XVII

Heeren XVII is the study association of the BSc Agrotechnologie and MSc Biosystems Engineering and is therefore affiliated to Wageningen University & Research. Heeren XVII currently has 300 members of which 150 are involved in the association, also known as active members. These members contribute to the association by participating in over eighteen committees including the Almanac Committee, Editorial Board, Lustrum Committee, Career Day Committee, Sports and Activities Committee, Excursion Committee, Data Committee and the Education Quality Committee. Heeren XVII organises theme evenings, excursions, company markets and career days in cooperation with companies.This way, we stimulate contact between the business life and students. At theme evenings, companies are invited to tell about their company and explain their vision on the theme proposed for that evening. We organise five excursions every year, on which we visit two companies. We also actively contribute to the organisation of various events such as the AgroTechniek Holland fair, the NVTL study day and the Precision Fertilisation Day.  

The study

Students of the BSc Biosystems engineering and the MSc Biosystems engineering enjoy a broad education with a technical basis focused on plants, animals and the living environment. The aim is to actively seek innovative and sustainable solutions within the agricultural sector and beyond! Biosystems Engineering is a study program in which students are prepared to work in the business with a fresh and broad vision. In the free elective area within the study, there is the possibility to choose from different directions such as: robotisation/automation, agricultural system design, business and management, biobased technology, logistics, climate control and many more. The study thus encompasses a wide range of fields. Many students choose to combine several directions in the first years of their studies, in order to eventually be able to make a conscious choice for their specialisation. This makes a graduated Biosystems engineer a versatile professional! 

Schakel tussen student & het bedrijfsleven

Students of the study Biosystems Engineering often have an affinity with the field. A large proportion of the students work or have worked part-time in the agricultural sector. Because of this background many Biosystems Engineers have a solid practical basis which they can combine with university knowledge and insights. This makes (graduated) Biosystems Engineers people with a unique knowledge package, consisting of both a sound basic practical knowledge and high-quality theoretical knowledge.  


At Wageningen University & Research, innovation towards a more sustainable society is central. Within the study Biosystems Engineering, the focus is mainly on food production and process innovation. As a Biosystems Engineer, we learn how to make systems work efficiently and how to minimise/reuse waste streams. During the course, we learn to look not only at the problem and the solution, but also at the consequences.  

Name awareness

Biosystems Engineers are broadly educated and have a passion for the agricultural sector. Through Heeren XVII you can reach these students at an early stage and create name awareness. We expect that our students can make a contribution to your company. This can be in the form of a graduation project, internship or as a future employee. In addition, we have an interesting network within the agricultural sector. From short lines of communication with the (parental) farm, connections within the university to relationships with the business community built up during the internship. These relationships can be of added value to your company. The agricultural world is large and has many disciplines, both national and international. Biosystems Engineers will have a positive influence on your company's network. 

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On April 1, 1965, in café Onder de Linden in Wageningen, the association Heeren XVII was founded as a study association of the former study Agricultural Engineering.
The aim of the association was, on the one hand, to strengthen the mutual ties between the students of Biosystems Engineering and, on the other hand, to improve contacts with the professors and staff.
The association owes its name to the fact that during its foundation only men (i.e. gentlemen) followed this study.
In addition, the study of Agricultural Engineering was the 17th study in Wageningen at the time.

The board

Het bestuur van Heeren XVII kent verschillende taken. Op de eerste plek komt het in goede banen leiden van de vereniging. Wat gedaan wordt door intensief contact met de commissies. Ook is het bestuur het eerste aanspreekpunt voor relaties buiten de verenigingen. Zij houdt bijvoorbeeld contact met de andere studieverenigingen van Wageningen Universiteit, de Nederlandse Vereniging Techniek in de Landbouw (NVTL), bedrijven en instellingen en de organisaties binnen Wageningen Universiteit. Door het jaarlijks uitbrengen van een CV-boek probeert Heeren XVII bijna afgestudeerden onder de aandacht van het bedrijfsleven te brengen. Een andere functie van het het bestuur is er voor zorgen dat er nieuwe studenten komen, door drie keer per jaar meeloopdagen te organiseren en aanwezig te zijn op de opendag.


Heeren XVII has a lot of committees. The committees of Heeren XVII make sure that the association stays running and that the members can meet each other at different activities. Our committees also keep an eye on the quality of the education and organise interesting theme nights and excursions.

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