The P3 Committee is responsible for providing the freshman weekend. This weekend takes place every year, often at the beginning of the academic year. The target group for this weekend is all new members of Heeren XVII. This means both the freshmen and the newcomers later in the program. The weekend is organized by five enthusiastic second year Agrotechnology students who look back on their own P3 weekend with great pleasure; the weekend that was organized for them. In addition, this group finds it fun, educational and above all enjoyable to work on the organization of a first year weekend themselves. This is a good way to have a fun activity next to your study where you can help the association and (hopefully) create a successful weekend for the freshmen.
The main purpose of this weekend is for all new members to integrate with each other and with other members. They get to know each other and know what everyone does besides their study or has at home in terms of activities or hobbies. In addition, it is of course very nice to do activities together where you get to know each other better and better.

The program is roughly as follows:
Friday afternoon we will have dinner together with the committee after which the group will leave for the campsite. When they arrive there, the tents and benches are already there. In addition, the organization has provided sufficient food and drink. The participants prepare their sleeping place and the evening will be dedicated to introductions and acquaintances. In addition, the board members and other interested members of Heeren XVII will come by to get acquainted with the new members. Of course it is useful that the newcomers of the association immediately have an image of the board, since they will often have to deal with it (in a positive sense!).
The Saturday morning is devoted to an educational activity, often in the field of agriculture. The afternoon is filled with a sporting activity. In addition, there is plenty of room for socializing, rest, soccer and other games. On Saturday evening the group often heads for an entertainment venue.
After everything has been cleaned up on Sunday morning, by noon we can hopefully look back on a very successful integration weekend, for both participants and organizers!

L-R: Stef Polet, Joost Bergers, Aron Klaassen, Crétienne Janssen and Sophie Kester. 

Current committee members:

  • Derk Mollema
  • Jente Bonnema
  • Jorn van Soesbergen
  • Lot Sturkenboom
  • Nynke Schippers
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