F.l.t.r. Sophie Sliepenbeek, Yvet Renkema, Guus Heijnen, Bas Vullings, Douwe Schotanus

Current committee members:

  • Bas Vullings
  • Guus Heijnen
  • Sophie Sliepenbeek
  • Yvet Renkema


The Education Committee (OpCie) is a committee that looks after the quality of the Bachelor of Agrotechnology and Master of Biosystems Engineering. The committee consists of the program director, student advisor, five faculty members from major chair groups, and five students. As student members of the OpCie, we try to represent all students in the program.

Once a period, the OpCie has a meeting in which all aspects of the program are discussed. Part of this meeting are course evaluations and comments from the Education Quality Commission (OKC) on course evaluations. Based on these course evaluations we can eventually decide to adjust a course or to stop taking the course at the particular chair group.

In addition, we also meet about other aspects of the program. For example, we have a say in the appointment of a new chairperson, and we consider how to make the intake of undergraduate and graduate students better and more consistent.

We also discuss questions that are asked university-wide. We then give advice on measures that the university wants to introduce to increase study success, for example. We report current developments in the Small Rigro (KR) and in the General Assembly (ALV).

Our main goal is to continuously improve the study and make it one of the best in the Netherlands!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to let us know!