V.l.n.r. Boudewijn Benjamins, Renko Groote Schaarsberg, Jacob Clevering, Gijs Ploumen, Luuk Köning


Current committee members:

  • Sam Gierveld
  • Gijs Ploumen
  • Jacob Clevering
  • Luuk Köning
  • Sander Hofhuis

The "Borrelcommissie" (Drinks Committee) has the challenging task of organizing the drinks. The Borrelcommissie arranges a drink once per period. Since this isn't enough, we also organize drinks during the open days and the AID study day. If all of this still isn't enough, we end the year with the "waterbak" and BBQ. During all these drinks, great care is taken to ensure that the present Heeren-XVII, prospective students, and department staff lack nothing. In addition to the main task of keeping the beer cold, we also make sure that there is enough food and other drinks available. If the conversations ever fall silent, there is always visual and auditory entertainment. Thanks to carefully selected music and a technically well-put-together presentation with photos from the past period, the atmosphere always remains good. In addition to all the beautiful photos in the presentation, there is also an agenda available, so the technicians can once again look forward to the upcoming period with exciting activities.

The drinks are the ideal opportunity for the true technician to take a moment to relax. After delivering supernatural performances during lectures and practicals, a nice cold beer is ready for every technician. During the drinks, technicians from different years and staff members can get to know each other better, all while enjoying some tasty snacks and drinks. The topics of conversation during the drinks always vary widely, as every technician has something to share. If the conversation falters, there's always the music and presentation to fall back on. After the successful drink, all technicians return home, and the Drinks Committee ensures that everything is tidied up neatly.

We try to make every drink a great success, but we cannot do this alone. We therefore hope to see you all again at the next get-together, where every real Biosystems Engineer feels at home.


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