L-R: Sverre Fokkens, Gijs Vorselen, Stan Vendrig, Marlie van Acht, Petra Doolaege

The current Almanac Committee consists of:

  • Crétienne Janssen
  • Jenny Kok
  • Lucas Kortes
  • Martinus Hiemstra
  • Sophie Kester

The Almanac Committee is the committee responsible for creating the almanac of Heeren XVII. The almanac is a compilation book containing information about the study association, the program of study, and photos from the past year. A new Heeren XVII almanac is released every year. To accomplish this, 5 first-year students are recruited in June, who then work on creating the almanac during their second year of study. The almanac is usually presented in mid-April.

The Almanac Committee is one of the most intensive committees within Heeren XVII. From scratch they have to start making a whole book. Since having a book printed is not free, the Almanac Committee is looking for sponsors/advertisers who want to contribute to cover the budgeted amount. It will also look for a printer, collect pieces from the committees and teachers and take lots of photos. Finally, all these things have to be put into a sleek layout.

The almanac is made every year around a certain theme. The Almanac Committee always tries to keep this theme strictly secret. Until the big moment arrives: the almanac ceremony, a feast that every Heeren XVII member eagerly awaits. At the almanac presentation ceremony, the almanac is presented and handed out to all members, followed by a big party! The almanac will be given a prominent place on the bookshelves and will be used frequently as reference work.

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