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BSc Agrotechnologie
If you enjoy finding applications for the latest technological developments and also like coming up with new solutions yourself, then the BSc Agrotechnology may be for you. The programme focuses on technology in relation to plants, animals and the living environment. Agrotechnologists look for applications of new technology for the production of food and other agricultural products. They also deal with technology for the green space. In addition, the study includes interaction with economics and business administration, the so-called beta-gamma interaction. INNOVATION agrotechnologists write with capital letters. The technological applications contribute to sustainable production methods. For more information about the study here.

With which study profile?
With a vwo diploma with the profile Nature & Technology or Nature & Health with physics, you are admitted to the BSc Agrotechnology. For other admission options, application and student grants, see here.

MSc Biosystems Engineering
After the bachelor's degree you can take a master's degree. With your BSc in Agrotechnology you have unconditional access to at least one Wageningen master's program. In these two-year master's programs, you combine in-depth courses with a six-month internship and six months of graduate research. Most students choose the master Biosystems Engineering. More information about the MSc Biosystems Engineering can be found here:
Master Biosystems Engineering

Study contacts

Study association HeerenXVII

Agrotechnologie/Biosystems Engineering Programme Director
dhr. dr. ir. Wilko van Loon

Study Advisors Agrotechnologie/Biosystems Engineering
Suzanna Overtoom
+31 317 483319 / +31 6 34229993

Randy Möwes
+31 317 486571 / +31 6 18417940