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Agri Information Partners
Looking for a challenging ICT internship or workplace in the agricultural sector?

Agri Information Partners is the partner for providing information management solutions based on substantive knowledge and the culture of the agricultural sector. We specialize in breeding. Our strength? We understand what breeders, certifiers and agri & food companies run into every day. Simply because we ourselves come from practice.
Hanskamp is an engineering company that develops unique and practical solutions in the field of individual concentrate feed for dairy cattle. Hanskamp is based in Doetinchem, but internationally active in the field of sales. Successful products include the PipeFeeder anti-spill force doser, the FeedStation walk-through, L'port closing gate and the Spider feed computer.
Hortiplan is active in professional greenhouse horticulture and belongs to Arvesta, full-service provider and market leader in the supply of agriculture and horticulture in Belgium. Hortiplan guarantees reliable and sustainable technical installations and the associated service for modern horticultural companies, such as the MGS, a high-tech mobile system for lettuce and herbs.