Meanwhile Heeren XVII is already a few springs young. Heeren XVII has been around since april 1st 1965 when it was founded in cafe Onder De Linden in Wageningen. We can’t let this pass our noses unseen every year. Therefore, a real anniversary is celebrated every five years, which in Dutch is called a ‘Lustrum’. During this anniversary a number of things are being organized for the members of the study-association, but for other stakeholders, such as companies as well. The anniversary will be opened with a wonderful party.

During the anniversary there will be a party for the parents, brothers and sisters evening, a business day, a reunion and a symposium as well. In addition, every year there will be a number of other activities for members such as an excursion as well. The anniversary week will be closed with a smashing final party that you will remember for the rest of your life. During this week there will be also provided plenty of alcoholic lubrication to get through smoothly. Besides there is going to be enough food, so you shouldn’t have to worry about starvation.

After all, organizing this ‘Lustrum’ is quite a job which will be done by members of Heeren XVII. For this set up approximately two years ahead of the anniversary a committee will be brought to live. In this committee will be six chosen from several years who have the courage to organize this spectacle. Together they will build this smashing party to remember!

Kind regards,

Bart Hoogeveen
Andries van der Meer
Jasper van Meer
EJ de Vries
Sebastiaan Dreessen
Sander Bouwknegt

  The 10th lustrum took place during the study year 2014-2015. The next lustrum will be in 2019-2020, when the association will celebrate its 55e anniversary!