Committee overview Heeren XVII

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The almanac committee is the committee which makes the almanac of Heeren XVII. The almanac is a kind of collective book with information about the study, activities of the association with photos from last year. Each year Heeren XVII reveals an new almanac. This book is recruited by five members of the second year of biosystem engineering. Therefore each year the new almanac is made by different people. Usually the almanac is awarded medio April.

The almanac committee is one of the most intensive committees within Heeren XVII. From nothing, the five members have to make a whole book. The book is funded by advertisers found by the almanac committee. Furthermore the almanac needs to collect articles from other committees and teachers to guarantee a interesting book for the members. In the end all of these things needs to be placed into a nice layout.

The almanac is made each year around a specific theme. The almanac committee always tries to keep this theme strictly confidential. Until the big moment arrives: the almanac ceremony, a festival where every Heeren XVII member eagerly anticipate. The almanac will be presented at the almanac ceremony and distributed to all members and then we build a big party! The almanac gives a prominent place in the bookcase and will be used more frequently as a reference!

The 27st Almanak committee consists of Merel Arink, Henk-Jan Hoving, Julian Hofmans, Ronald Konijn and Mark Bruggink

26st Almanak committee 



The BataCie organizes the participation on the Batavierenrace (a huge running event). This is in cooperation with study association Di-Et-Tri. The weekly trainings start in February. The committee makes sure everything is taken care of so the team ‘Fastfood’ will end up with a high ranking. Participating will lead to lots of fun and integration of the members.

The BataCie consist of the following members: Rosan van den Bogaard, Anne Nuyens, Joep Tummers, Dianne Conijn, Koen Deleare and Pieter Rooijakkers


The national excursion commision organises a lot of interesting excursions troughout the year for all students biosystems engineering. For these excursions companies in and around the Netherlands are selected. All these companies are possible future workplaces for Biosystems engineers, or are very innovative. We try to pick companies in all different fields of work in the agricultural sector. There are interesting things for everyone!

This is the best way to keep track of technical advances in agriculture. You gain insight in the development process of new technologies, from the drawing board to final tests. The best part of all this is being able to see how a machine works and having the possibility to look inside these machines for once to take a good look at how the mechanism works. In addition, you will also learn about the background, history and goals of these companies and what makes these companies unique. Lastly, these excursions help you expand your network which can help you with you thesis or possibly even more.

By far the best excursion of the year, is the annual excursion to the Agritechnica or EuroTier. Every year in period 2 a bus full of Biosystems engineers takes the trip to Hannover where at a huge terrain all innovations in agriculture are gathered. At the most extravagant stands, manufacturers present their equipment. However Hannover wouldn’t be Hannover if not for the many beers that can be found at all these stands, and this is of course a perfect opportunity to interact with all these retailers.

Last of all, the critical student sometimes want to compare different companies with each other. To facilitate this need, three times a year a theme-evening is organised. At these evenings companies have the opportunity to present their vision on agriculture, afterwards there is of course room for discussion.

The Binex currently exists of Roel Dohmen, Nardy Ros, Ronald Konijn, Dana Vernooij and Adrie Meeuwesen



The Borrel committee has the difficult task of organizing the drinks. The Borrel committee provides a drink once per period. Since this is not enough, we also organize the drinks during the try-out days, the AID study day and during the water tub and BBQ. During all these drinks is careful to ensure that the present Heeren-XVII members, try-out students and departmental employees don’t come for nothing. In addition to the main task, namely putting the beer cold, we also ensure that there is enough food and other drinks. If there’s no talk for a moment, there is always the presentation and music available. Due to the carefully chosen music and the highly technical assembled presentationwith pictures of the past period, the atmosphere is always good. Besides all the beautiful pictures in the presentation, there is an agenda, so that the technicians can look forward to the next period with wonderful activities.The drinks are the ideal opportunity for real technicians to just relax. After delivering supernatural feats during the lectures and practical’s there is for every technician a nice cold beer ready. During the drinks, the technicians of different years and employees try to know each other better, of course while enjoying a snack and drink. The conversation during the drinks is always far apart, every technician does have something to say. If the conversation still equally disappointing, there's always the music and presentation. Once the drink has again become successful all technicians going back to home and the Borrel committee ensures that everything is cleaned up correctly. We try to make every drink a great success but we naturally can’t this alone. We hope to see you at the next drink, where the real technicians feel at home.


The Borrel committee

The Borrel committee currently exists of Mitch Meulensteen, Anthony Vermue, Niek Hellegers and Harmen van der Vliet.

Borrel Committee
The borrel committee in the current formation



Once in every two years a few students organise a big excursion to an interesting country. This is done by the abroad excursion committee. The excursion is at the end of the summer holiday and is organised for the second and third year students. It is almost a week long and almost everything will be taken care of. The activities in this week will vary from visiting interesting companies to visiting factories and drinking beer with the locals. It’s an informative and also a fun week. All of this is organised by the international excursion committee (the Buitex).



In the past were 17 women on the study association a dream, but this dream became  a reality in 2015. That’s why we would like to introduce, the most enjoyable ensemble of Heeren XVII: Daames XVII!

To celebrate this we have thrown a party for all our guys. This spectacular party’s theme was Sthil the show. Now, after many dinners and wine, the first ‘Tour de la boerin’ took place.

This year Daames XVII has 21 members, time for a celebration? 

In the future, we hope to plan and participate in a lot of activities of the study association.

Love and kisses,

Dini, Maaike Marleen, Elianne, Heleen, Eveline, Desiree, Evelien, Judith, Nardy, Tineke, Zwanet, Anna Lisa, Dana, Esther, Gwen, Merel, Chris, Jolien, Leonie and Sophie.

De RedactieEN

The Haitech Editors has been active as a committee, almost since study association Heeren XVII saw the light of day. We have been putting a lot of effort into our lovely magazine ‘the Haitech’, to provide each technician , graduate , or interested person with their funny and topical reading material'

Inside the HaiTech you will find detailed reports of the fun activities organized within the study, often with exclusive photos and interesting facts about these activities. Each period, we ask a freshly graduated, agricultural technician to tell his story to us. In the topic " Oldtimer " he talks about his time in Wageningen and the course of his career after graduating .

In addition, the HaiTech creates a bond between the members. For example, our column  "De HaiTech Pen Bij… ' is periodically passed on to two different freshmen who can introduce themselves to their fellow students in that way.  Furthermore , regular surveys, with study-related questions are conducted among different members. What’s the status concerning the number of achieved credits at the moment. How did you spend their summer vacation or what are you going to for Christmas? Also, for each edition, we ask one Dutch student and one foreign student for their experiences while travelling abroad. It is quite interesting to read about habits in other countries, and wat foreign students think about our culture.

In each HaiTech, the president of the study-association looks back on the recent period via a number of topics. How does the current weather influence the agricultural sector? Who are graduated and what activities have all taken place? In the " Technical Report " , technical developments within the agricultural field are exemplified, ensuring the students also keep up with the latest techniques. Also, all the small facts concerning the study-association that you shouldn’t miss are presented in the section ' Wist-Je-Datjes'.

So in a nutshell, there’s something for everyone in there. Most stories are supported by pictures. As said; "a picture is worth a thousand words", a  colored photo collection, with pictures of the past activities is on display at the center of the magazine.

Each exam week you can feel the tension rising again among techies; When will the new HaiTech arrive!?’ The exclusive stories that are presented within the HaiTech are later often the subject of much discussion.

The Haitech Editors are Marco Sprangers, Esther Noordhoek, Sander Bouwknegt, Pieter Rooijakkers, Carsten Schep, Dana Vernooij and Jordy van der Burg.

The Haitech Editors in the current formation



At  September 23th  of 2015 we were founded as photo-committee, since  February 19th of 2016 we are named “Kiekcie” and at the 22th of September 2016 the name was changed back to photo-committee. The photo-committee is present at every activity of HeerenXVII to take the most beautiful photo’s. The photo-committee takes care of saving the photo’s forever so your stupid actions will never be forgotten. They also remind you of what you did when you were drunk. At rough activities we are present with our faithfully Sony cybershot, by calm activities we use our Nikon 3200d with 18-55 kitlens, which we are very proud of. We are also responsible to place the photos of the activities on within two working days if the website is not hacked.

At the moment the photo-committee consists of Julian Hofmans, André Hulsman, Ton Kaarsgaren and Casper van Oostrum.



The gala committee (GalaCie) organizes in the pre-summer of 2016 a fantastic, extraordinary and chique gala. The gala is this time organized in cooperation with study associations Di-Et-Tri, Nicolas Appert and Semper Florens. These associations have the following man/woman balances: 92/8 (Heeren XVII), 16/84 (Di-Et-Tri), 39/61 (Nicolas Appert) and 66/34 (Semper Florens). Combined leads this to a balance of 53/47.

The GalaCie has the following members: Rik Aelfers, Merel Arink, Lavinia Abdelkadir, Suzanne Martens, Mike Luijten, Tessa Schoones, Leon Brooijmans en Joep Debets



The KCC (Kas Controle Commissie) is the financial committee of Heeren XVII. They check the work of the treasurer, to make sure the association doesn’t get into financial trouble. The also check the budget of all the committees form Heeren XVII. The most important job of the committee is checking the final account at the end of the academic year.

The KCC: Wiger Aantjes and Desirée Groeneveld

The current KCC composition


Meanwhile Heeren XVII is already a few springs young. Heeren XVII has been around since april 1st 1965 when it was founded in cafe Onder De Linden in Wageningen. We can’t let this pass our noses unseen every year. Therefore, a real anniversary is celebrated every five years, which in Dutch is called a ‘Lustrum’. During this anniversary a number of things are being organized for the members of the study-association, but for other stakeholders, such as companies as well. The anniversary will be opened with a wonderful party.

During the anniversary there will be a party for the parents, brothers and sisters evening, a business day, a reunion and a symposium as well. In addition, every year there will be a number of other activities for members such as an excursion as well. The anniversary week will be closed with a smashing final party that you will remember for the rest of your life. During this week there will be also provided plenty of alcoholic lubrication to get through smoothly. Besides there is going to be enough food, so you shouldn’t have to worry about starvation.

After all, organizing this ‘Lustrum’ is quite a job which will be done by members of Heeren XVII. For this set up approximately two years ahead of the anniversary a committee will be brought to live. In this committee will be six chosen from several years who have the courage to organize this spectacle. Together they will build this smashing party to remember!

Kind regards,

Bart Hoogeveen
Andries van der Meer
Jasper van Meer
EJ de Vries
Sebastiaan Dreessen
Sander Bouwknegt

  The 10th lustrum took place during the study year 2014-2015. The next lustrum will be in 2019-2020, when the association will celebrate its 55e anniversary!



The education quality committee (OKC) has a meeting with representatives from the chair groups Biobased Chemistry & Technology (BCT) and Farm Technology (FTE) to look at the course evaluations every period. Our role in the committee is to clarify what students mean with their feedback and to look for possible improvements in the course.  Most times OKC-members have participated in the discussed courses, if there are some striking points the chair group representatives could react as fast as possible to make improvements in the discussed course(s). Every study-year is represented in the OKC, that makes a good interpretation of the course evaluations possible.

We do our job with pleasure, because we notify  that the chair groups improve the courses with our feedback. This can often be seen in the course evaluations of the course the next year. The OKC therefore is an important committee for the bachelor Agrotechnologie and the master Biosystems Engineering. To do our job as well as possible it is important that the students fill in the course evaluations. The more students fill in the course evaluations, the more we can achieve with the feedback. Our study has grown in number of students, but relatively we didn’t see a higher response in the course evaluations.

If you are content with the course we also want to know that, but if you are not we also want to know that. It is also possible to approach us personally and tell the good or bad things which you has observed during a course. You can also contact us for problems already during a course, that need to be solved immediately. Also when you have some feedback of a thesis or an internship, the OKC is there for you!  For these cases you can contact us personally or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You can find the most recent (summarized) course evaluations in the course guide on the Wageningen University website. We also will present the most important results of our meetings in the periodic magazine of Heeren XVII, the Haitech.  

Kind regards from the OKC ☺

At the most recent OKC-members are: Evelien ter Beke, André Hulsman, Gwen Hoogeboom and  Huub ter Woorst.

The current OKC composition


The OpleidingsCommittee (Education committee) takes care of the quality of education for the BSc Agrotechnology and the MSc Biosystems Engineering. The committee exists of the programme director, study advisor, five teachers and five students. The student members try to represent all the other students of the study.

Once per period the OpCie has a meeting where all important aspects of the education programme are discussed. Think for instance of course evaluations and remarks from the OKC (committee for quality of the study programme). Discussions of the OpCie can lead to significant improvements to courses and other trending topics in the study programme.

Questions at level of the whole university are also discussed, for instance new regulations and their consequences. Actual activities of the committee are reported at the KR (a small interim meeting for the board and the study committees) and at the general membership meeting.

The mean goal of the committee is to get and keep the study programme at a top level of quality!

For questions, remarks or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

The OpleidingsCommissie currently exists of Maarten Kik, Evelien ter Beek, Desirée Groeneveld, Max van den Hemel and Jan Morssink.




Hello students, parents and brothers, dear sisters,

Every 2,5 years Heeren XVII organises parents day. At this day parents, guardians, brothers and sisters can take a look in the wonderful world of Biosystems Engineering and the study association Heeren XVII.

During this day the family members get the chance to go to lectures and the also get some practical experience, like a tour in the greenhouse of Wageningen UR. Also all the ins and outs of our association Heeren XVII will be discussed. The day will end with a traditional Heeren XVII drink.

When the day comes to an end and the parents go home, it’s time for the brothers and sisters evening. This evening will start with a nice dinner. After this it’s time to go to experience the student life of Wageningen, but the party won’t start before playing some typical integration activities. Get ready for a memorable evening!

Greetings and with kisses for the sisters,

The parents day committee

Chris Vader, Anna Lisa Nooren en André Hulsman


The P3 committe is responsible for the organisation of the first-years weekend. This weekend will take place every year at the begin of the study year. The weekend is organised for all the first year students, as well for the entrants. Four studenst from the second year organise the weekend. The intention of the weekend is a smooth integration of all the new students with each other, and with the rest of the members of the association. A lot of activities will be present in the weekend to help the integration.

Friday’s eve the tradition is that other members of Heeren XVII included the board come by at location of the weekend and have a little talk and a beer. The first years have the opportunity to introduce their selves to their fellow students.

The next day mostly an educational excursion is planned to discover some related aspects of the study. Next to that, games can be played, and in the evening everybody drops by at a traditional nightspot.

The last day we clean up and go home. After that, we always look back to an incredible companionable weekend!

The P3-commissie currently exists of Jordy van der Burg, Niels van der Geest, Jolien Hendriks, Sophie Kuijten and Jasper Oomen.



Within Heeren XVII there are different committees that make sure that all the Heeren XVII members get what they need. One of these committees is the Promotion Committee, or in short PromoCie. The PromoCie develops new gadgets and clothing for the members of Heeren XVII so they can identify themselves as members! These gadgets are often used to help the technicians within Heeren XVII in their spare time. The clothing is used to make sure everybody can see that you are a one of the great members of Heeren XVII. The committee itself consists of two creative people who have to present at least 3 products every year. This will be a garment or a gadget with a nice print and/or a playful text. Within these prints and texts, one should not forget the field in which most of the members work; namely the agricultural sector. The aim for the committee is to supply the members with beautiful products for a small price. Examples of products presented by the committee are:

·Barbeque gear
·Beach towel

In short, the PromoCie is a committee who tries to understand the life of a Heeren XVII member and make its life easier by presenting funny, handy or playful articles. It’s a creative committee in which you can exploit your social and organising skills!

The PromotieCie currently exists of Joep Tummers and Pieter Rooijakkers

The PromoCie in the current formation


Sport en ActiviteitenCommissieEN

Besides all serious business like attending lectures and studying, every agricultural engineer needs some distraction. We, as Sports- and Activities Committee (SAC) take care of that! We frequently offer you the right amount of sportive activities, integration, distraction and interaction with your colleagues in combination with a beer or non-alcoholic drink. These activities are intended to promote interaction with people of different study years within our study and also to get to know people from other studies. Therefore our committee also consists of people from several study years, which makes our committee quite diverse. We organise at least one activity per period during the academic year. Some examples are: pub crawl, farmer games, beer bowling, ice skating, integration parties, geocaching, survival, barbeques or an unlimited spareribs eating contest. The organisation of our committee is quite diverse. We continuously switch and divide tasks that fit the time schedule and expertise of our committee members. This is translated in successful activities and positive feedback from most of the participants in our activities. There is always room for new ideas and suggestions for activities. Besides a set of yearly returning activities, we also launch new activities every year. Do you have a new idea? Let us know!

The SAC currently exists of Jente Klein Holkenborg, Merel Arink, Jan Morssink, Mark de Langen, Chris Vader and Sander Krul.





The WebCommission takes care of the website you are visiting right now. Pictures, agenda items and other stuff is uploaded by the WebCie in order to keep the website up-to-date. The website is more or less the digital business card of Heeren XVII towards companies and students. The design of the website is therefore also our responsibility. In order to maintain the digital lead Heeren XVII posesses in the digital world, the website is reneawed on a regular base.

Next to, the WebCie is responsible for the website from NVTL (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Techniek in de Landbouw), the Dutch Association for Agriculture Technology.

The WebCie currently excists of Gwen Hoogeboom, Marco de Theye and Tijmen Visser