The board of Heeren XVII leads and coordinates all the activities of the association. 
Communication and planning are important because the association Heeren XVII organises a lot of activities. The board coordinates these activities which are organised by the different committees of Heeren XVII. Thanks to the high amount of active members which support the sixteen commisions there are a lot of activities organised. 

Next to communication with the committees the board is the contact for the outside world. The board keeps in touch with the other study associations in Wageningen, the Dutch Association for Agricultural Engineering (NVTL), companies, the National Museum Historic Agricultural Engineering and other organisations within the Wageningen University. By presenting a CV-boek every year Heeren XVII tries to get attention from bussinesses for graduates or student who are about to graduate. 

To be sure that every year there are enough new students the board is also active with promotion of the study Agrotechnology. Three times a year a withwalkday is orginised by Heeren XVII to give possible future studends insight in the study. When the Wageningen University has an Open Day Heeren XVII is also present to promote the study.

The current board consists of  Zwanet Herbert, Robert van de Ven, Mark Bruggink, Bart van Marrewijk and Judith van Rijthoven . They are third and fourth year students Agricultural Engineering. The chairwoman Zwanet coordinates the tasks of the other board members. Futhermore, his task is to lead the board meetings, the General Members Meeting and the monthly Rigro's. All the meetings are documented by the secretary, Robert, who also keeps track of the agenda of the association. To provide good communication between the board and the committee a commisioner of internal affairs is present in the board, Judith. She also manages the archives of the assiciation. Futhermore, she focusses on the education. Therefore she leads the Small Rigro; a gathering for all the committees which have something to do with education. For all external bussiness Bart is present in the board. As commisioner external relations he is particulary active with organising withwalkdays and other promotion activities. Mark is the tresurer of Heeren XVII. He makes sure all the finances are managed well. 

Every tuesday and thursday the board has office hour from 12:30 until 13:00 someone from the board is present in the boardroom (Axis Z, TT1.045) to answer your questions. You can also call 0317-484192 during the office hour or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. During the office hour it is also possible to pick up or buy Heeren XVII merchandise.

On behalf of Heeren XVII,


Zwanet Herbert


Robert van de Ven


Mark Bruggink

Commissioner of internal affairs:

Judith van Rijthoven

Commissioner external relations:

Bart van Marrewijk