BSc Agrotechnology

High-tech for crop and animal

Do you like to discover applications for the newest technological innovations and do you want to contribute by coming up with new solutions? Then the BSc Agrotechnology might be a study for you!

The study programme focusses on the application of technological solutions in the field of crop, animal and the living environment. Agricultural engineers search for applications of new technologies on the production of food and other agricultural products. Next to this, the study programme also includes the interaction with economics and business management, the so-called beta-gamma interaction.

Agricultural engineers write the word INNOVATION with capital letters. Technological applications contribute to sustainable production methods.



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The study programme in a nutshell

Society and government are pushing the requirements on food safety and quality and are longing for a sustainable production. During this study, you learn to develop technology which contributes to the quality of life. You acquire insight an knowledge on exact science in the field of crop, animal and living environment. Subsequently you learn to combine this knowledge and to apply it in the field.

An increasing shortage on the availability of labour along with an increase of requirements on product quality asks for innovative technological solutions. Robotics and automation are getting more and more important. Another mainspring for renovation is animal welfare. Subjects which include the interest of humans and animals are important characteristics of the study programme of the BSc Agrotechnology.

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Field Robot Event

The Field Robot Event is an annual event for Agrotechnology students. Together with a team, they have the possibility to present their innovative ideas. The teams participating in the event show how their robots are able to navigate autonomously trough the crops. Previous events took place in for instance Germany (2010), Denmark (2011), Floriade in Venlo (The Netherlands, 2012) and the Czech Republics (2013). For more information, take a look at the next link:

Field robot event


MSc Biosystems Engineering

After graduation from the BSc Agrotechnology, you are, at Wageningen University, able to continue with two MSc programmes unconditionally. In this two year during education programme you combine deepening courses with a half year internship and a half year thesis writing. Most of the students of the BSc Agrotechnology choose for the MSc Biosystems Engineering. The two MSc programmes are (click on the name for more information):

Biosystems Engineering

Development and Rural Innovation